Summer is made for music. Farmer markets, outdoor cafes, and street venues. It a powerful feeling having your voice drift on the wind, never knowing who might catch a lyric and take it too heart. Certainly the birds love to sing along. A pair of skateboarders skip by in beat, young joints bouncing exuberantly with the boards on their shoulders. Babies wave from carriages. A young girl twirls to music in front of us, and then shifts into gliding ballet type movements with a song and tempo change. She said "my talent is dancing." Delightful! Lips move to known songs, lyrics embedded long ago, and to original music just learned.

So we learn from the young. "Our talent is music al fresco."

Fragile, the latest CD, was released on May 17, 2019 at a special concert.

John Webber of Krona Studios set off on a trip to Austin TX to observe the mastering of our CD, Fragile, with Terra Nova Mastering. Tom, being from Texas himself, was overjoyed with the instant connection he felt with the team's hospitality. We are so looking forward to sharing the final product with you.

14 original songs.

Original artwork on the CD.

Same great lyrics, melodies and harmonies.

A community of local musicians to add their talent.

Coming March 9, 2019

The Coffee House in Milwaukee is a local gem. It is a volunteer run organization in a borrowed room of a church. It earned it's name before the fancy coffee venues, back in the 60s. You know the time when grandma's big coffee maker was a revolutionary invention! So other coffee houses of today focus on expensive mugs with self-indulgent names. But The Coffee House has 50 years of supporting singer-songwriters, poets, artists and activists. No pretensions here. Come as you ARE. ‚ÄčIf you want a fancy mug...bring your own. In fact, bringing your own cup will earn you an impressed raised eyebrow from the volunteers because you care about saving a tree.

Tom and Barb started at an open Mic at The Coffee House long ago. We fumbled, stuttered and sweated. The audience was energetic, accepting, affirming and encouraging. We are not sure we earned the applause, but the excitement to perform in front of people was addictive. I remember the first time I sang one of my own songs. I was so frightened. Vulnerable. But the good people of The Coffee House cheered me on. I received tips from fellow performers and appreciation from listeners.

Now we perform at modern coffee houses, garden parties, and street festivals. Outside, people stroll and bop to the music, maybe stop to listen for a couple songs. Inside, we complete with the cappuccino maker which always drones loudly when a soft ballad is next up on the set list.

Thank you to those who intently listen to the words of a song. I sing just for you. I form my notes and rhythm so that each word has meaning and emotion, faithful to the songwriter.  I learned this from my years at The Coffee House, where people come to hear and feel the performing art.

We spent some time in Minneapolis. John is pursuing his dream in becoming an audio engineer. Since he has been running our sound for several years now, it is only right that the parents take a road trip in support of his questions. We did the touristy things in addition to the school tours. At the last minute, Tom threw the guitar in the car "just in case" we happened across an open mic. We had a little down time on Sunday evening and hit up 2 open mics in one evening. So different than in Milwaukee, both in amount and in character. We heard 2 covers. The remaining were original songs, many of them stunning. It is good to know that the spirit of the troubadour is immortal.

Enjoyed our time at the Folk Alliance Region Midwest (FARM) conference tremendously. Walking down the halls talking music, learning from experts and fellow musicians, jamming until sun-rise. We arrived just before midnight on Wednesday. Tom left his Martin guitar on the street in front of the hotel when unloading the car. We didn't notice until the next morning. The guitar was taken into the lobby and kept safe for us, until the hotel could locate the owner. Honest FARM Folk.

Watch the video clip of Fair Webber singing from Waukesha's roof top.

Our cheeks are pink. It is cold, subzero in Wisconsin. But truth be told, we are colored by the thrill of birthing this CD. One guitar and two voices is a vulnerable way to present original music.

Barb has been a tad uptight over the lack of recent completed songs. She keeps looking for original observations, poetry, and melodies. She keeps listening for her muse. And finally, on the first Sunday of January, 2 flew from her subconscious pen to concrete paper. More excitement to color our cheeks.

Every year we greet the new year with friends, many of whom are musicians. This year our friends consecrated our new home gathering space. And in the early hours of the morning, past 3AM, we sang Larry Penn's songs. Larry and his wife Pat were always the last to leave a party, often chiding us youngsters for our yawns. Barb will admit that a couple of the words got stuck in her throat.

We were performing Silence Live at one of the CD release concerts.

"Silence is heavy, an absence of air. A holding of breath til somebody shares. No words are spoken; no words to hear. Friendship dies slowly in the absence of air."

It is arranged so the the words are spaced by Tom's lovely contemplative guitar accompaniment. At the end of the last note, the audience was ... silent.

As an artist, I was initially taken aback, unaccustomed to no reaction at the end of a song. And then I realized that the long pause of quiet was the audience holding their breath collectively. I take that a true tribute to the song Silence.

Checking out CD Baby and noticed that All of Me sold a digital download. First iTune sale of the new CD...and it sold in Canada! We are gearing up for the 2 CD release parties on our calendar. The first is at The Coffee House. Tom and Barb started there as a duet and so feel it fitting to take the stage there with just the 2 voices and 1 guitar. Later, on December 5, Andy, Lon, and Peg Kasun will join us at Our Lady of Lourdes. We hope you can be there too to celebrate Between You and Me.

At the Steaming Cup, Lon set up Barb and Tom for one more surprise gut-bending laugh. He waited until Profit Line was on the set list and raised his whistle high. Barb noted his sparkle but just thought he was happy to play the song! But no...Lon had spread little train whistles throughout the audience and every lip in the joint puckered to toot along with the song! Young and old....everyone loves trains and train whistles!

It is nesting time for the birth of our next CD. We have listened to the master proof. We are finalizing the cover art. The account is opened at DiscMakers. This is the week that we send our baby off to the press.

Soon it could be yours!

A song starts as a melody line or phrase or concept that grabs hold of me. I think about it while I garden, or scrub the bath tub, or on the drive into work. Sometimes I get too distracted and I do not set myself down to the hard work of fleshing out the idea. Shame on me. It is a song lost in the ether of unfilled dreams. But when I do tend to the craft of creating a song, and then an arrangement, and finally a performance...that is when a song lives and breathes.

This new CD, Between You & Me, is an example of songs we have been patient with...allowing them to mature enough to find their own identity. The words and melody have married well. They are waiting to be received by a thirsty listener.

Tom Webber will be a judge in The Coffee House Mid-Winter contest on January 18, 2014. Tom and Barb were co-winners of the 1996 contest and are avid supporters of The Coffee House. Writing and performing songs before judges is a bit like running through a shopping mall in December naked. Receiving feedback that hones the craft is the best gift of all. Having been on the other side, having years of experience listening for the soul of a song, Tom is honored and ready for the evening.

Barb was named as second place winner in the WSSS song contest for the song Good Bye Old House. What a delightful experience to be included among passionate songwriters and play to a warm audience who listened intently!

WSSS CONTEST NOTES: Here are the top five winners of our 2nd Annual Song Contest:
5th Place - Matthew Davies - "People"
4th Place - Brent Mitchell - " Angel of Flesh & Bone"
3rd Place - Stephanie Erin Brill - "Someone You're Not"
2nd Place - Barb Webber - "Goodbye Old House"
1st Place - Richard Pinney - "Yours"

PINCH ME! We just recorded a new CD using Michael Martin Murphy's microphone...yes..the one he used to sing Wild Fire! 10 songs live in 8 hours. Just cashing in on the prize for winning the 2012 Great River Folk Festival Singer Songwriter Contest. Huge shout out to Bret Huus of Sound Strations for his skill and hospitality. Still mixing, mastering, duplicating and packaging to do so stay tuned. this a dream?


A woman came up to me yesterday. She told me her mom died this weekend and that the last thing she heard leaving this world was me singing "Wholly."

We love playing at the Steaming Cup with Andy Waldoch and Lon Couillard and anticipated a fun night...but we were really short on our expectations. Lon has developed the tradition of playing cowbell when money is thrown into the tip guitar case. We love tips! I was a little curious why Lon wanted me to explain the tradition on the 3rd song, but I did. Lon's wife put money in the tip case and the ENTIRE AUDIENCE joined Lon in playing miniature cowbells. Peg had drifted through the audience subtly handing out cowbells. The whole night was a cowbell chorus. Thank you all the Fair Webber Fans for joining in the fun plotted by Lon and Peg. This is now a treasured memory.

Since it was a folk festival, we assumed they wanted folk music. We chose Profit Line in honor of Woody Guthrie's 100th birthday year and Lily Marlene. Criteria included songwriting (composition, lyrics, melody), instrumental performance, vocal performance, and performers stage presence.


We are excited to announce that Tom & Barb have been chosen as one of twelve finalists in a songwriting contests held by the Great River Folk Festival...we submitted two songs to the contest: Profit Line and  Lily Marlene.

Tom wrote a new song. No help from me except to challenge him to delete a word here or there. When he plays it, I can't sing...yet. I am too in awe of his talent. He has spent years shining the songwriting kudos on me and arranging our music, pushing me up front. Maybe one day soon, I will be able to find my voice and harmony. Until then, I listen in awe to Atlas Left His Burden. You have to come hear it live.


The daffodils have been up since the first week in February, and now they have buds. Last week we had 5 inches of snow on the ground and tomorrow it will be 70 degrees. I collect images and hope for the right moment to use them in a song.

Valentines Day is a lovely time to sing of love. Finally, after 2 decades of togetherness, Tom and Barb co-wrote "All is Right."


New Website for Tom & Barb Webber and their band Fair Webber. An easier way to listen to and purchase music.

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New CD Fragile

The award-winning, Milwaukee-based singer-songwriter duo, Tom and Barb Webber, celebrate the release of their sixth CD, “Fragile.” This latest collection of original songs represents a musical pilgrimage through a labyrinth of hauntingly beautiful explorations of the human condition. The listener is led to explore personal but universally recognizable stories of love and loss, challenge, pain and suffering, as well as songs expressing exuberant joy, redemption and celebration. Each of Tom and Barb’s songs, reveal a glint of the promise of grace.

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