Tom and Barb Webber
Barbara T. Webber (c) 2004


The moon hangs in the sky with a cockeyed grin

Something's coming my way but it won't say when

Something good, something bad

Tip a smile and it turns real sad

But I choose, I choose, I choose to believe

That the moon wears a cockeyed grin


A copper penny lays lost in a busy street

Tarnished by the wind, the dirt, the sleet.

Heads or tails, win or fail

Maybe luck will tip these scales

But I choose, I choose, I choose to believe

That good luck’s at my feet


Long have I sailed these salty seas

Red skies at dawn still frighten me

Wait for the evening's blushing sun

Blessings on a day well-done


Morning coffee and the daily horoscope

Cruise control or struggling up a slope

Preordained, free-will gained

Finding ways to cheat life’s pain.


But I choose, I choose, I choose to believe

But I choose, I choose, I choose to believe

I choose, I choose, I choose to believe

That every day brings new hope.

Tom and Barb Webber
Barbara T. Webber (c) 2005


Who’s that woman at the window pane

Watching the children play their games

Still as a statue day and night

Pale as a ghost in the soft moonlight


OH-oh-oh Lily Marlene

OH-oh-oh Lily Marlene

Prettiest girl the Northwood's seen

OH-oh-oh Lily Marlene


Once she was a big city girl

Desired by the fashion world

Walt met her on a quiet street

Danced with her swept her off her feet



When Walt returned from foreign ports

He brought her north to his resort

Dances with her in the deep of the night

Bathed in the glow of the northern lights



She stays upstairs and waits for Walt

Away from the dandies who waltz about

Fifty years at her window sill

In fifty years she’ll be there still


Tom and Barb Webber & Fair Webber
Barbara T. Webber (c) 2000


She walks in the world of the living dead.     

Pieces of thoughts float through her head.

Twenty-five degrees out and she's running down the street.

Her coat's in the shower,            there's no shoes on her feet.



      Something stole, something stole,

        something stole my mama's mind,

        and I don't like what it left behind.


She calls out for Papa, begs him to come.

Where has he gone now, what has he done.

Someone tells her he's long gone, she breaks down and cries.

Oh my poor mama, grief is frozen in her eyes.  Refrain


A lifetime of memories withered on the vine

Faces in photographs, names lost for all of time.

Time has no meaning, no future no past.

Tell me how long this prison's gonna last.    Refrain


She sits near the window in her favorite rocking chair.

She looks like an angel, the sun shining in her hair.

I'm an orphan with a parent, and I'm on my knees to pray,

Oh my sweet Jesus, touch my mama's mind today.    Refrain (2X)

Back Up

Tom and Barb Webber & Fair Webber
Barbar T. Webber (c) 2006


You came into my life and promised me inspiration

It was great for a while now I’m tired of the situation

You freeze me out in the cold and shut down at your will

I can’t live this way but you want me to love you still.


I don’t know how many times I can try restart

Each time I enter your web it just breaks my heart

I can’t delete my feelings or uninstall my pain

but I can disable you from hurting me again.


Back-Up, Back-Up

Baby I’m tired of your megahertz

shift it out of hard drive, take it off site

I’m posting on the blog that your gigabytes

Cuz baby I know how your system works

Baby I know how your system works



You tempt me with the apple and you make those google eyes

Say the gateway to heaven is through windows open wide

But the oracle of love has warned me of your ways

I’m done being fooled in this techno-loving age




You want me to reboot

You want me upgrade

You want me to download but aint nothing here to save

Don’t tempt me with that apple

Don’t make those google eyes

The gateway to heaven’s not through windows open wide

The oracle of love has warned me of your ways

I’m done being fooled

I’m done being fooled

I’m done being fooled

in this tech-no-lovin’ age.



Tom and Barb Webber & Gregg Lindsay
Barbara T. Webber (c) 2002 worlds and music; lead vocals by Tom Webber


Got my raise in pay just the other day,

The price of gas rose twice as fast,

And they told me I should be feeling good.

There’s hiring freezes till efficiency increases

And I’m breaking my back just to pick up the slack,

And I told them I was working as hard as I could.

And I get the feeling that no one is listening

They’re counting their money with eyes a’ glistening.

There’s not much I can say that would do any good.



Board the train or get out of the way

It doesn’t really matter anyway.

We’re on Wall Street Time

And this engine’s moving down the profit line.


My middle-aged boss got the pen and the toss,

The department head’s now from Europe instead

And they told me I should be feeling good.

The bonuses are cut and the benefits suck.

The hours are longer; make the coffee stronger

And I told them I was working as hard as I could.

And I see the owner just once a year

On a videoconference from a yacht somewhere.

I’m just a number that impacts the bottom line.



A new guru came with a famous name

And by Power Point ®  he revised the joint

And they called him “Messiah of the Business Land.”

But there’s many others like me here

Trading our tongues for jobs I fear

And we told them nothing cause they wouldn’t understand.

If it’s all about money they sell some souls

You may be working on computers or digging for coal

Does money buy a ticket to your promised land? 


Barb Webber
Barbara T. Webber (c) 2000


Rushing through life's calendar

the trees rush by in a blur

You cry to me about feeling lost

and I heard not a word.

Now you tell me that you may not find your way along our road.

And I fall and crumble beneath this heavy load.

I was not awake for you my dear

For the things your heart wanted me to hear.

Like a gentle breeze in a forest of trees

I lost part of you somehow.

Please forgive me now.

I sit on a stone on the forest floor,

the sunlight steams from above.

I listen carefully for your song

to speak to me of love.

I can only wait to receive your heart should you decide to stay

and pray for a whisper of hope upon this day.  Refrain.

Tom and Barb Webber & Gregg Lindsay
Barbara T. Webber (c) 2002


Watching the cars go by

Under the indigo sky

And I sit above it all.

I could easily

Be in that driving frenzy

But here I am perched on this wall.

Don’t know why I stopped today.

Just sort of passed here on my way

To somewhere else, to somewhere else, to somewhere else.


Breathing a cleansing sigh

Under the indigo sky

It all fades away on a breeze

Leaving a skeleton,

Revealing a bone deep yen,

Remembering a dream with ease.

Funny how fast I became distracted

Only to find that the path I’m on led

To somewhere else, to somewhere else, to somewhere else.


And the indigo sky is blooming.

Not a storm cloud is looming…overhead.

Venus is the east is rising

And it isn’t so surprising

That I’m looking up…from the dead.    


Watching the cars go by

Under the indigo sky

Serenity enters with rhyme.

She comes on the Easter wind.

Life is reborn again.

Rejoice in what is mine.

Gonna sit right here awhile

Till I figure out how to keep this smile

Before I go, before I go, to somewhere else

Tom and Barb Webber & Fair Webber
Barbara T. Webber (c) 2002


When I look back upon my life, it’s all clear to me.

My life is like a river flowing surely to the sea.

The rocks that make it bend and twist as it flows from the source

Are the people who cared enough to guide my river’s course.



I’m tired of changing with the times. Let the times change with me.

Set my heart as a compass on the human sea.

Let me be the rock in your river, the stone in your stream.

Let us make something real of a far-reaching dream.


When all is said and all is done, I’ll leave a legacy.

No buildings, rocks, no monuments will be named after me.

But a heart that’s lit from within and a spirit flowing free.

What better fate could I choose for my destiny.  Chorus.


A wellspring of love flows from my heart.

Come with me and be a part of a dream.  Chorus.

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HOT NEWS: New CD Fragile

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Our Lady of Lourdes

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The award-winning, Milwaukee-based singer-songwriter duo, Tom and Barb Webber, celebrate the release of their sixth CD, “Fragile.” This latest collection of original songs represents a musical pilgrimage through a labyrinth of hauntingly beautiful explorations of the human condition. The listener is led to explore personal but universally recognizable stories of love and loss, challenge, pain and suffering, as well as songs expressing exuberant joy, redemption and celebration. Each of Tom and Barb’s songs, reveal a glint of the promise of grace.

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