Back Up

Tom and Barb Webber & Fair Webber
Barbar T. Webber (c) 2006


You came into my life and promised me inspiration

It was great for a while now I’m tired of the situation

You freeze me out in the cold and shut down at your will

I can’t live this way but you want me to love you still.


I don’t know how many times I can try restart

Each time I enter your web it just breaks my heart

I can’t delete my feelings or uninstall my pain

but I can disable you from hurting me again.


Back-Up, Back-Up

Baby I’m tired of your megahertz

shift it out of hard drive, take it off site

I’m posting on the blog that your gigabytes

Cuz baby I know how your system works

Baby I know how your system works



You tempt me with the apple and you make those google eyes

Say the gateway to heaven is through windows open wide

But the oracle of love has warned me of your ways

I’m done being fooled in this techno-loving age




You want me to reboot

You want me upgrade

You want me to download but aint nothing here to save

Don’t tempt me with that apple

Don’t make those google eyes

The gateway to heaven’s not through windows open wide

The oracle of love has warned me of your ways

I’m done being fooled

I’m done being fooled

I’m done being fooled

in this tech-no-lovin’ age.



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New CD Fragile

The award-winning, Milwaukee-based singer-songwriter duo, Tom and Barb Webber, celebrate the release of their sixth CD, “Fragile.” This latest collection of original songs represents a musical pilgrimage through a labyrinth of hauntingly beautiful explorations of the human condition. The listener is led to explore personal but universally recognizable stories of love and loss, challenge, pain and suffering, as well as songs expressing exuberant joy, redemption and celebration. Each of Tom and Barb’s songs, reveal a glint of the promise of grace.

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