Indigo Sky

Tom and Barb Webber & Gregg Lindsay
Barbara T. Webber (c) 2002


Watching the cars go by

Under the indigo sky

And I sit above it all.

I could easily

Be in that driving frenzy

But here I am perched on this wall.

Don’t know why I stopped today.

Just sort of passed here on my way

To somewhere else, to somewhere else, to somewhere else.


Breathing a cleansing sigh

Under the indigo sky

It all fades away on a breeze

Leaving a skeleton,

Revealing a bone deep yen,

Remembering a dream with ease.

Funny how fast I became distracted

Only to find that the path I’m on led

To somewhere else, to somewhere else, to somewhere else.


And the indigo sky is blooming.

Not a storm cloud is looming…overhead.

Venus is the east is rising

And it isn’t so surprising

That I’m looking up…from the dead.    


Watching the cars go by

Under the indigo sky

Serenity enters with rhyme.

She comes on the Easter wind.

Life is reborn again.

Rejoice in what is mine.

Gonna sit right here awhile

Till I figure out how to keep this smile

Before I go, before I go, to somewhere else

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    Oktoberfest Artisan Fair,  Milwaukee

New CD Fragile

The award-winning, Milwaukee-based singer-songwriter duo, Tom and Barb Webber, celebrate the release of their sixth CD, “Fragile.” This latest collection of original songs represents a musical pilgrimage through a labyrinth of hauntingly beautiful explorations of the human condition. The listener is led to explore personal but universally recognizable stories of love and loss, challenge, pain and suffering, as well as songs expressing exuberant joy, redemption and celebration. Each of Tom and Barb’s songs, reveal a glint of the promise of grace.

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