Profit Line

Tom and Barb Webber & Gregg Lindsay
Barbara T. Webber (c) 2002 worlds and music; lead vocals by Tom Webber


Got my raise in pay just the other day,

The price of gas rose twice as fast,

And they told me I should be feeling good.

There’s hiring freezes till efficiency increases

And I’m breaking my back just to pick up the slack,

And I told them I was working as hard as I could.

And I get the feeling that no one is listening

They’re counting their money with eyes a’ glistening.

There’s not much I can say that would do any good.



Board the train or get out of the way

It doesn’t really matter anyway.

We’re on Wall Street Time

And this engine’s moving down the profit line.


My middle-aged boss got the pen and the toss,

The department head’s now from Europe instead

And they told me I should be feeling good.

The bonuses are cut and the benefits suck.

The hours are longer; make the coffee stronger

And I told them I was working as hard as I could.

And I see the owner just once a year

On a videoconference from a yacht somewhere.

I’m just a number that impacts the bottom line.



A new guru came with a famous name

And by Power Point ®  he revised the joint

And they called him “Messiah of the Business Land.”

But there’s many others like me here

Trading our tongues for jobs I fear

And we told them nothing cause they wouldn’t understand.

If it’s all about money they sell some souls

You may be working on computers or digging for coal

Does money buy a ticket to your promised land? 


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