Only Way Home - CD

(2007) 12 original songs recorded in Nashville. Includes the popular Lilly Marlene along with Cockeyed Grin, Celebrate You, Still the Night, Two Rights Make a Wrong, Peace Will Reign, Busy Day, Ruby Shoes, Queen Anne's Lace, Skeletons in the Closet, Smokin' Joe and the Double Dots, Blizzard, and Back Up.

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Indigo Sky - CD

(2002) CD includes the award winning song, Profit Line, a working class anthem of life in an economic crunch. Other tracks: Indigo Sky, Deep River Blues, Long Lonely Road, Sister's Journey, Rock in Your River, I'M So Lonesome I Could Cry, Going Out to the County, Nice and Even, Stroke of Midnight, Swing Low Sweet Chariot, Give Him Time, Little Hope, Dig a Little Deeper in the Well, Let the River Sweep You.


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Fair Webber by Request - Live CD

(2009) We listened to the fans and recorded their requests of their favorite cover tunes at a live concert on October 9th, 2010. We captured the energy of the band and fans. Tracks include: The Soul of Man, Tanglewood Tree, What Am I to You, I'd Rather Be With You, Folsom Prison Blues, Thank You, If I had a $1000000, Keep Me in Your Heart, Me and Bobby MeGee, Landslide, Fishing Blues, Please Come to Boston, Ragged Company, For What It's Worth, New Soul, City of New Orleans, Across the Great Divide (bonus track).

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Traveler's Lullaby - CD

(2000) Debut album including the popular song about the pain and suffering surrounding Alzheimer's called Something Stole My Mama's Mind. Also includes This Heart of Mine Deserves More, Steady Ground, Winds of St. Jude, In A Forest of Trees, Night Time, Colored Threads, Stand Up Stand Tall, Rose Go Round, Wounded Kingdom, Riddleman, Traveler's Lullaby.

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Between You And Me - CD

(2014) Enjoy an intimate sampling of Barb and Tom's songwriting, as the recording production is stripped to the bone, featuring their warm vocals accompanied only by Tom's guitar. The ten tracks include Barb's award-winning "Goodbye Old House." The tracks are: 1) Keep Walking 2) Goodbye Old House 3) Lazy River 4) All Is Right 5) Francis 6) Chasing Signs 7) Silence 8) Atlas Left His Burden 9) Whisper 10) Lily Marlene.

Listeners will feel as if Barb and Tom were performing right in their own living room, sharing their personal meditations on the themes of love, heartbreak, healing, facing life's crossroads, as well as finding the path towards rediscovering balance, courage, healing, redemption, and life's beauty through the eyes of love.

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Wholly - CD

Single sacred song of healing. Vocal soars over paino and cello. Wholly is a song of healing and prayer written by Barb. Our body and spirit are connected. To heal, one must attend to both the physical pain and the darkness of the soul. This song has been bringing comfort to people suffering grief, chronic illness, emotional pain, or going through spiritual darkness. It is hoped that this song may bring blessings on your journey to well-being, or perhaps that of a loved one, a friend, or colleague.

In this recording, Barb's voice soars over a lush and moving accompaniment of piano and cello. $3.50 (includes shipping and handling). Send request to address on contact page.

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New CD Fragile

The award-winning, Milwaukee-based singer-songwriter duo, Tom and Barb Webber, celebrate the release of their sixth CD, “Fragile.” This latest collection of original songs represents a musical pilgrimage through a labyrinth of hauntingly beautiful explorations of the human condition. The listener is led to explore personal but universally recognizable stories of love and loss, challenge, pain and suffering, as well as songs expressing exuberant joy, redemption and celebration. Each of Tom and Barb’s songs, reveal a glint of the promise of grace.

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