Between You & Me 

March 09, 2014 

It is nesting time for the birth of our next CD. We have listened to the master proof. We are finalizing the cover art. The account is opened at DiscMakers. This is the week that we send our baby off to the press. 

Soon it could be yours! 

A song starts as a melody line or phrase or concept that grabs hold of me. I think about it while I garden, or scrub the bath tub, or on the drive into work. Sometimes I get too distracted and I do not set myself down to the hard work of fleshing out the idea. Shame on me. It is a song lost in the ether of unfilled dreams. But when I do tend to the craft of creating a song, and then an arrangement, and finally a performance...that is when a song lives and breathes. 

This new CD, Between You & Me, is an example of songs we have been patient with...allowing them to mature enough to find their own identity. The words and melody have married well. They are waiting to be received by a thirsty listener.