Mesmerized by Autumn

The leaves lay thick on our garden path, soft and pliable, fresh yellow, orange and red. After tidying up a bit, we started a fire and sat in the chilly sun to read. The black and white pages did not…


Cast Away

The COVID Pandemic has been difficult. Isolating. In some ways we are like the crew on Gilligan's Island, seeking news of the outside world through Professor's radio or the rare stranded visitor. We are cast away into our own island…


Missing Deanna

I am missing my friend. She died too young. Her name is Deanna. She remembered everything I told her and helped me remember too. My memory has never been very good. I am continuously dumping out stories in search of…


Christmas Season

Every year, Tom and Barb present a Christmas song for the Midnight Mass Concert in their faith community. It began with renditions of cover music. Barb has written several original songs as gifts for the community. This year, Tom wrote…

Music al fresco 

July 30, 2019 

Summer is made for music. Farmer markets, outdoor cafes, and street venues. It a powerful feeling having your voice drift on the wind, never knowing who might catch a lyric and take it too heart. Certainly the…


Fragile release concert 

July 03, 2019 

Fragile, the latest CD, was released on May 17, 2019 at a special concert. Tom and Barb performed original inspiring songs backed by talented musician friends, Lon Couillard, Andy Waldoch, Ray Kinney, David Noll, Peg Kasun, Hannah…


Fragile CD in mastering process 

January 26, 2019 

John Webber of Krona Studios set off on a trip to Austin TX to observe the mastering of our CD, Fragile, with Terra Nova Mastering. Tom, being from Texas himself, was overjoyed with the instant connection he…


The Coffee House 

March 06, 2018 

The Coffee House in Milwaukee is a local gem. It is a volunteer run organization in a borrowed room of a church. It earned it's name before the fancy coffee venues, back in the 60s. You know…


Immortal Troubador 

August 18, 2016 

We spent some time in Minneapolis. John is pursuing his dream in becoming an audio engineer. Since he has been running our sound for several years now, it is only right that the parents take a road…


Honest FARM Folk 

November 04, 2015 

Enjoyed our time at the Folk Alliance Region Midwest (FARM) conference tremendously. Walking down the halls talking music, learning from experts and fellow musicians, jamming until sun-rise. We arrived just before midnight on Wednesday. Tom left his…


Singing on the Roof Top: Video Clip 

June 06, 2015 

Tom and Barb have played at Waukesha Friday Night Live when there was one stage and it was a volunteer event. The downtown business owners had a vision and a deep regard for the worth of all…


Wind Chill 

January 07, 2015 

Our cheeks are pink. It is cold, subzero in Wisconsin. But truth be told, we are colored by the thrill of birthing this CD. One guitar and two voices is a vulnerable way to present original music.