Tom and Barb Webber & Fair Webber
Barbara T. Webber ©2002


When I look back upon my life, it’s all clear to me.

My life is like a river flowing surely to the sea.

The rocks that make it bend and twist as it flows from the source

Are the people who cared enough to guide my river’s course.


I’m tired of changing with the times. Let the times change with me.

Set my heart as a compass on the human sea.

Let me be the rock in your river, the stone in your stream.

Let us make something real of a far-reaching dream.

When all is said and all is done, I’ll leave a legacy.

No buildings, rocks, no monuments will be named after me.

But a heart that’s lit from within and a spirit flowing free.

What better fate could I choose for my destiny. Chorus.

A wellspring of love flows from my heart.

Come with me and be a part of a dream. Chorus