Missing Deanna

I am missing my friend. She died too young. Her name is Deanna. She remembered everything I told her and helped me remember too. My memory has never been very good. I am continuously dumping out stories in search of the newest sparkly one. I feel like I lost not only a best friend, but most of my memories for the last 30 years. When she related the stories to me, I laughed as hard as on the day of the event. She reminded me not to be too hard on myself. She handed me the pep talk, the get over yourself talk, and the take care of yourself talk at all the right times and sometimes in the same conversation.  Her song is called One Day.  I am singing it for the first time on February 8, 2020. Or at least I will try. I haven't made it through without wobbling yet. Hmmm...just when I need her pep talk.