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 April 16, 2019  | Jamie Lee Rake - Shepherd Express  

If siblings are said to make the sweetest of harmonies, might married couples not be far behind? Milwaukee-area folkies Tom & Barb Webber’s latest album, Fragile, doesn’t find them singing together quite enough. Here, one partner is more apt to sing background vocals on choruses and bridges for the other’s lead vocals. Barb’s more plaintive tone joining her other half’s gruffer approach number among Fragile’s finest moments, but there’s plenty else to commend the project.  

Intended as a conceptual piece, each song represents a step in a journey toward emotional healing and wholeness, including acknowledgement of one’s brokenness, emotional support from a loving friend, rejection of material pursuits, honesty with oneself, generosity and gratitude for life’s small pleasures and the graces others provide. The Webbers imbue their concept with memorable melodies and the occasional electrified instrumentation—a smidgen of grinding guitar and a hypnotically jazzy bass complement their largely acoustic approach.  


December 10, 2014  | Jamie Lee Rake - Shepherd Express  

Folk as just two voices and a lone acoustic guitar is what Tom & Barb Webber proffer on Between You and Me. Tom’s gruffly friendly tone recalls local legend Larry Penn in resonance; he’s no slouch at the earnestness and reflection requisite for their artistry. Barb’s is an arguably richer instrument on the songs given to sly and serene sentiment. It’s easy to imagine some of the Webbers’ songs as Americana or especially articulate commercial radio country album tracks with the addition of fuller, electrified instrumentation, but there’s pleasure to be had in their spartanly robust delivery here.  


Thom Jurek - All Music Guide  

"There is a kind of warmth in this sound that's immediate and front room more than back porch. there is a deepening and widening embrace of the various strains of American folk, country, and, in a sense, music from a previous century, all while remaining contemporary. Only Way Home is the true next step for this pair and their band as they stretch our musically and Barb Webber does so lyrically." Rated 4 out of 5 stars.  


March 06, 2018 | The Coffee House - The Coffee House Website April 2018  

Barb Webber is a natural storyteller, songwriter, and singer of great power and deep feeling.  


Jamie Lee Rake - Shepherd Express  

Milwaukee's Barb and Tom Webber describe their third disc as "roots/Americana/folk," but that may actually be selling them a tad short. Yes, Tom has a craggy baritone that suggest the lost brother of Jim Post or John Prine, and chief songwriter Barb sounds like she could have come from a family that includes Joan Baez or Kathy Mattea. Yet, like fellow married Americana purveyors Buddy and Julie Miller, the Webbers have a knack for making music that, with just a little tweaking, would sound at home on the commercial country radio. The occasional hint of smoky jazz and a few hooks that could pass for pop---one of the two nonoriginals here is a BoDeans remake---would be easy enough to morph into country radio. And their original tunes, covering everything from humorous marital spats to solving the troubles of the world, would make for some of the more thoughtful lyrics in the country genre, too. Still, they inhabit their music so personable that it'd be a crime to limit them to commercial country hits. Indeed, Milwaukee is fortunate to have this unique couple doing what they do so well.  


Jym Mooney - singer/songwriter  

The dynamic blend of Barb Webber"s exceptionally strong songwriting , Tom Webber's inspired musical arrangements and Gregg Lindsay's fine lead guitar playing is coupled with their exquisite, soaring vocal harmonies on songs of love, peace, and hope; songs of family and friendship, songs of the past, present and future. Traveler's Lullaby is a treasure chest of musical delights.  


Thom Jerek - All Music Guide  

(Rated 4 out of 5 stars) Traveler's truly folk music...full of glorious three part auspicious debut."  


Dave Tianen - Milwaukee Sentinel Journal  

The production by William Stace has a very polished shine, and Barbara's original songs display a flair for strong, simple melodies wedded to compelling personal narratives...The intimacy and personal emotions of the songs on 'Traveler's Lullaby" come forth strongly.  


Sing Out Magazine 

Barb Webber"s clarion voice is the aural anchor. (Regarding Indigo Sky)  


Amy Guckeen - Catholic Herald  

He is the music to her lyrics  


Mary LaCharite - Coordinator Fox Point Farmer's Market  

There is great comfort in being with the Webbers by simply playing their music. Barb writes from her heart and head, and the songs are both personal and universal. They linger and become part of you. When Barb's angelic voice harmonizes with Tom's earthy singing, you literally have heaven and earth.  


Norm and Eve Bruce - Martha Merrill Books  

Whether as a duo or with their band Fair Webber, Barb and Tom have graced our indoor and outdoor musical area with soaring vocal melodies and accomplished instrumental talent that always leaves our audiences enthusiastically wanting more. Barb and Tom use their combined talents to create an evening that showcases their original pieces along with a variety of musical classics that, while easily recognizable, take on a new life with the Webbers performing them. They are talent personified!  


Kerry MacKay - The Steaming Cup  

"Tom & Barb, as the heart of Fair Webber, are incredible musicians. They bring such talent as writers and musicians to every performance, that they never fail to please their audience. I highly recommend their talent through their CDs or live will always be pleased!"  


The Coffee House Newletter   

Popular performers Tom & Barb Webber will win your hearts with their soaring vocal harmonies and thoughtful, melodic, well-crafted original songs. They're a treat for the entire family.  


Rich and Cindy Morgan - Endangered Folk Series  

We're listening to your new album right now. It's nothing short of stunning. It was a great choice to have Tom sing lead on Cockeyed Grin, but the song selection overall is wonderful throughout. I'm in the process of filling my new iPod, and it's rare that an album makes it uncut, but this one will. I'm so proud of you and happy for you. And "Wholly"---I get chills when I think that you might never have recorded it without my nudge. Peg's accompaniment and arrangement are pure magic, but the the song itself is a jewel even without her.  


Thom Jurek - All Music Guide  

The true highlight on this set (Only Way Home) is the through a glass darkly "Skeletons in the Closet" that is harrowing, razor sharp, and spot on in its detailed observations of the jagged edge of brokenness in families that we read about in newspapers. It asks questions whose answers are left for the listener to ponder.  


Larry Penn - singer/songwriter  

So we were talking to the legendary Larry Penn about an upcoming songwriters workshop Barb was attending with Peggy Seeger. Because we hold Larry in such high esteem, I have to share with you this backdoor compliment in his gruff dry voice and slight twist of he head...  

"I can think of a number of people that would benefit from a songwriter workshop, but Barb Webber is not one of those."  


Fran Brown - singer/songwriter  

You should be very proud of this CD (Only Way Home). I was pleased with every song, really. Your writing is more diverse and there is always a lot of dimension in each song. I listened to it for two days straight. It is solid and the songs are each so different which I find very enjoyable. The production is stellar, the vocals are stellar. I particularly love "Peace Will Reign" which I found myself humming all day. The mournfulness of this one went straight to my heart.