Fair webber

Fair Webber is Tom and Barb’s folk-rock band. They come from a folk perspective, but add a Texas growl, jazzy bass, playful percussion, and lilting harmonies to great lyrics, and you have Fair Webber!  

Whether original or cover, they dabble in a bit of everything from country, blues, gospel, folk-rock, and southern rock to name a few...finding the sound that fits the song. The song reigns supreme and they do everything they can to make music come alive. They invite audiences to sing along with favorites and to learn a few more. Music is a bridge to connect that which divides. Fair Webber brings hope, good will and a bit of humor to a little corner of this world.  

Lon keeps the pulse of the music. He studies the words and uses percussion as punctuation to emphasize meaning. Throw a few dollars in the tip jar, and he will reward the tipper with more cow bell. 

Andy's bass evokes a visceral response. During breaks in words, he dances up the fret to take the instrumental lead and then returns to the grounding lows. He both drives the energy up with lively riffs and also makes the soul weep with long melancholy sighs. 


Tom and Barb Webber Waukesha Friday Night Live

 —  —

Martha Merrell's Book Corner, 231 W. Main St, Waukesha, WI 53186

Jon Pagenkopf is joining Tom and Barb as lead instrumentalist. Cross your fingers and hope Andy is able to make it too!

Waukesha Friday Night Live. The streets are closed to cars. People amble through the town with family and neighbors, stopping at different music stages, shopping and sampling the restaurants.


Tom and Barb Webber with Andy Waldoch

 —  —

South Shore Farmer's Market, 2900 South Shore Drive , Milwaukee, WI 53207

Tom, Barb, and Andy perform their unique mix of original and interpreted cover songs. Well-known and appreciated for the song-writing, harmony and heart-felt music. Andy will wander up and down the frets playing leads on bass to everyone's delight.

South Shore Farmer's Market is held on the shores of Lake Michigan. Bring a lawn chair or blanket and stretch out beneath the arms of maples and oaks. Watch children dance. Bring your dog. Hungry? Grab brunch and a beverage at one of the many vendors. And be sure to purchase your fresh produce and flowers for the week.