Wisconsin Singer Songwriter's Series 

We have are looking forward to the Wisconsin Singer Songwriter's Series, delighted at the invitation to participate in the 2023-2024 season. It feels like affirmation for the years of writing, practicing, and performing. The audience is impressive. They know their music and are welcoming to the songwriter. This will be a “pinch me” moment at the sound of the first chord. 

Summer gatherings 

We savor every moment of summer in Wisconsin. Many of our friends are muscians, so they bring a dish to share and an instrument. We make a joyful noise together, circling through most genre's of music and original songs. Playing along as able or singing harmonies. Present in the moment. This is community. 


You really annoy me 

Picture a puppy with a stick who wants to play. Keep that image. Tom has been after me to write new music. One chilly Saturday afternoon I was working on a task that required sound on the computer. He walked in with a chair and his guitar. Sat down and started playing a riff. I turned off the computer and stared at him. Picture that puppy grin. He said “write something” over and over. Finally I sang to his riff, “You know sometimes you really annoy me, bust on in my train of thought.” His grin got bigger. Actually the song turned out kind of sweet. Come and visit us sometime and we will share it with you. 

Mesmerized by Autumn 

The leaves lay thick on our garden path, soft and pliable, fresh yellow, orange and red. After tidying up a bit, we started a fire and sat in the chilly sun to read. The black and white pages did not hold my attention. I found my eyes drifting up to admire the remaining jewels on the tree limbs not quite ready to jump into the pile with their siblings. Savor this moment. The leaves will too soon grow crispy and brown.

Cast Away 

The COVID Pandemic has been difficult. Isolating. In some ways we are like the crew on Gilligan's Island, seeking news of the outside world through Professor's radio or the rare stranded visitor. We are cast away into our own island bubbles.

That is the inspiration for our new song called.... Cast Away. Lost on an island with no place to go and dreaming of the day when we can cast away these islands.

Missing Deanna 

I am missing my friend. She died too young. Her name is Deanna. She remembered everything I told her and helped me remember too. My memory has never been very good. I am continuously dumping out stories in search of the newest sparkly one. I feel like I lost not only a best friend, but most of my memories for the last 30 years. When she related the stories to me, I laughed as hard as on the day of the event. She reminded me not to be too hard on myself. She handed me the pep talk, the get over yourself talk, and the take care of yourself talk at all the right times and sometimes in the same conversation.  Her song is called One Day.  I am singing it for the first time on February 8, 2020. Or at least I will try. I haven't made it through without wobbling yet. Hmmm...just when I need her pep talk. 

Christmas Season 

Every year, Tom and Barb present a Christmas song for the Midnight Mass Concert in their faith community. It began with renditions of cover music. Barb has written several original songs as gifts for the community. This year, Tom wrote "Rise Up Shepherds, Tell Me What Did You See." So begins the seed of an idea for a new album. 

It is surprisingly difficult to write a Christmas Song. The narrative is familiar. Many have written beautiful Christmas songs. What more could be said? And why would one person need another song beyond "Silent Night?"

Stay tuned with us on our journey!


Music al fresco  

July 30, 2019 

Summer is made for music. Farmer markets, outdoor cafes, and street venues. It a powerful feeling having your voice drift on the wind, never knowing who might catch a lyric and take it too heart. Certainly the birds love to sing along. A pair of skateboarders skip by in beat, young joints bouncing exuberantly with the boards on their shoulders. Babies wave from carriages. A young girl twirls to music in front of us, and then shifts into gliding ballet type movements with a song and tempo change. She said "my talent is dancing." Delightful! Lips move to known songs, lyrics embedded long ago, and to original music just learned. 

So we learn from the young. "Our talent is music al fresco."

Fragile release concert  

July 03, 2019 

Fragile, the latest CD, was released on May 17, 2019 at a special concert. Tom and Barb performed original inspiring songs backed by talented musician friends, Lon Couillard, Andy Waldoch, Ray Kinney, David Noll, Peg Kasun, Hannah Kasun, and Gregg Jancoski. Tom's collection of original art accompanied the music, projected on large screens. The art depicted portraits, landscapes, and animals in the media of water color, pen and ink, digital, charcoal, and pastels. John Webber was the sound engineer for the event. During the song, Something's Not Working Here, the OLOL choir stood in the audience to lend their voices in representation of all those in poverty who could not be there, a representative flash mob. 

The concert was constructed around the concept of a labyrinth which winds in toward the center or heart. Unlike a maze, there are no misleading or dead-ends. There is one way in and one way out. The album is a collection of songs that leads one into reflection and healing, acknowledging the vulnerable places in life, and then the joy and serenity that we find on the other side of turbulence.

Fragile CD in mastering process  

January 26, 2019 

John Webber of Krona Studios set off on a trip to Austin TX to observe the mastering of our CD, Fragile, with Terra Nova Mastering. Tom, being from Texas himself, was overjoyed with the instant connection he felt with the team's hospitality. We are so looking forward to sharing the final product with you. 

14 original songs. 

Original artwork on the CD. 

Same great lyrics, melodies and harmonies. 

A community of local musicians to add their talent. 

Coming March 9, 2019