Fair webber

Fair Webber is Tom and Barb’s folk-rock band. They come from a folk perspective, but add a Texas growl, jazzy bass, playful percussion, and lilting harmonies to great lyrics, and you have Fair Webber!  

Whether original or cover, they dabble in a bit of everything from country, blues, gospel, folk-rock, and southern rock to name a few...finding the sound that fits the song. The song reigns supreme and they do everything they can to make music come alive. They invite audiences to sing along with favorites and to learn a few more. Music is a bridge to connect that which divides. Fair Webber brings hope, good will and a bit of humor to a little corner of this world.  

Lon keeps the pulse of the music. He studies the words and uses percussion as punctuation to emphasize meaning. Throw a few dollars in the tip jar, and he will reward the tipper with more cow bell. 

Andy's bass evokes a visceral response. During breaks in words, he dances up the fret to take the instrumental lead and then returns to the grounding lows. He both drives the energy up with lively riffs and also makes the soul weep with long melancholy sighs. 

Previous events


Tom and Barb Webber Live Stream

Livestream concert for 90 minutes on Facebook. You do not need to have an account to join the Livestream. Click the link in the Live stream section.


Tom and Barb Webber

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Our Lady of Lourdes - Art Gallery Opening - 11:20 AM - 12:20 PM, 3722 South 58th St., Milwaukee, WI 53220

Price: Free!

Encore. Tom and Barb celebrate the opening of the OLOL Art Gallery event. Enjoy the creations of local artists, nibble for your sweet tooth, and pause a moment for some wonderful music. Sounds like a delightful pause in the business of life.

The song selection will be different for the encore.


Tom and Barb Webber

The Coffee House - Portage Road Annual New Song Contest , 2717 E Hampshire St, Milwaukee, WI 53211

Price: $5-$20 suggested donation at the door Brand new songs from the Portage Road Songwriter's Guild! The Portage Road Songwriters Guild's features an amazing array of area songwriting talent: Eric Baer, Jay Bullock, Joe DeLucia, Bob Estes, Rick Fitzgerald, Chris Head, Mark Plotkin, Chris Straw, Barb Webber, and Tom Webber. Join us as we showcase songs written in the last year.