1. Lily Marlene

From the recording Only Way Home

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Lily Marlene | ©2005 Barbara Tlachac Webber

Who’s that woman at the window pane
Watching the children play their games
Still as a statue day and night
Pale as a ghost in the soft moonlight

OH-oh-oh Lily Marlene
OH-oh-oh Lily Marlene
prettiest girl the Northwood's seen
OH-oh-oh Lily Marlene

Once she was a big city girl
Desired by the fashion world
Walt met her on a quiet street
Danced with her swept her off her feet Chorus

When Walt returned from foreign ports
He brought her north to his resort
Dances with her in the deep of the night
Bathed in the glow of the northern lights Chorus

She stays upstairs and waits for Walt
Away from the dandies who waltz about
Fifty years at her windowsill
In fifty years she’ll be there still Chorus