1. Keep Walking

From the recording Between You And Me

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Keep Walking
©2010 Barbara Tlachac Webber (words) & Music by BTWebber and TCWebber

There’s a bend in the road,
A curve up ahead,
No clear sight line beyond the yellow thread
The world could end
Beyond that twist
But hope is the reason the road stills exists
So I keep walking

The trees are heavy
The shade is deep
My shadow leaves me alone to weep
Can’t stop to worry
My feet may grow roots
I’d live in the dark, the absence of truth
So I keep walking

I’m on this road
I’m alive and I’m walking
I’m still in the game and that’s enough for me
I’m on this road
Don’t know where I’m going
But this road has my name and it’s my destiny
So I keep walking.

On a hot straight run
I’ve gone somewhere fast
The illusion of water in the road didn’t last
The sun beat down
From its highest peak
My shadow left me alone and weak
But I kept walking

I’m older now
A little wiser maybe
My shadow’s here even when it can’t be seen
A breath of peace
Fills my soul
I know there’s purpose wherever I go
And I keep walking


Not sure where I am going
Can’t stay where I am
The road behind me
Can’t be traveled again