From the recording Between You And Me

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Goodbye Old House
©2007 Barbara Tlachac Webber

Underneath the fresh paint my bedroom walls are yellow
Golden cabbage roses hang by the bare window
Its midnight in broad daylight and the antique clocks chime
Rusty old voices out of tune and out of time

I’m called sentimental, my sister says it’s so
I just have a harder time moving on and letting go
So many birthday candles, can you hear the song?
Well I hear happy voices of family long gone.

Good-bye old house
Good-bye old friend
I will remember you until my living end
Good-bye old house
Blessings to you
May those who live within these walls come to love you

A trick light in the kitchen, turn it on with a jump and tap
A wooden scar in the cabinet, my brother’s tonka truck hit that
Last hallway door on the left where daddy closed his eyes
It’s hard to keep on singing when the tears begin to rise

One last look around
One long good-bye
Close the back door
I think I’m going to cry