1. Lazy River

From the recording Between You And Me

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Lazy River
©2008 Barbara Tlachac Webber & Tom Webber

I wanna float on a lazy river
Let time slide by
I wanna float on a lazy river
Leave my troubles on the riverside

I’ve been running round in circles
People pleasing's what I do
Keep on passing the same old landmines
Same old misguided cues
My feet are singed and black from dancing on
someone else's hot coals
I guess it’s time I tended to
my own burning soles


Hand me a worry, I’ll take it in
Give it a home on my own back
Once I have it and call it mine
you can’t take it back
I’m stooped and bent from martyrdom
This journey’s mighty old
Even willow branches break
When the winds blow hard and cold

Nothing’s quiet in my own head
All night the phantoms swoop and shriek
Their voices ramble and babble on
Old worries never sleep

Imagine laying back on a lazy river
Gazing up into the clear blue sky
I know there’s peace on the lazy river
Floating gently under heaven’s eye