1. Francis

From the recording Between You And Me

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©2012 Barbara Tlachac Webber

The battered old crusader
Lies still in the dusk
The innocents now gather
Afraid he’ll turn to dust
Who would then lead them
From the depths of their despair
Without Francis in the lighthouse
Fear is everywhere

Lay down Francis lay down
Cry your tears into the ground
Your heart bleeds, even you need sleep
Francis lay down, lay down

Oh this world is crazy
Its flippin upside down
Its spinning out of orbit and
Soon we’re gonna drown
In a sea of avarice
Fed by rivers of neglect
But with Francis in the lighthouse
We hadn’t lost it yet

Some say that he is senile
an old man of the sea
They tell us not to worry
There are pearls within the deep
We resist the mermaid call
Pulling us down deeper still
That’s when we found our Francis
On the shore, lips blue with chill


Watch Francis as he lays there
Barely breathing in the dusk
The vigil and the crying is
Really more for us
Oh light your single candles
Climb upon the stony bluff
Show Francis he has taught us
Surely that’s enough

Lay down Francis lay down
Your peace my friend is earned and found
Don’t you weep, just sleep.
Francis lay down, lay down