1. Whisper

From the recording Between You And Me

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©2010 Barbara Tlachac Webber

I whispered a prayer in an old church
Its ceiling the desert sky
At the center of the four winds
Beneath God’s eye
Here I am a pilgrim lost
No more tears to cry
You left my life and I’m wandering
My well’s run dry

They’ve heard so much these walls and sky
Chanted songs and litanies
Now I add my own heart sigh
And pray you home to me

In this barren place of worship
Walls stripped of all design
I understand the whims of man
Are sand within this shrine
I stand upon this sacred ground
Where old prayers shimmer
I only know my love for you
Will endure forever


My love is like the wildflower upon the altar bare
Tenaciously it survives and waits for you there