From the recording Traveler's Lullaby

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This Heart of Mine Deserves More
© 2000 Barbara T. Webber

Been livin' in a cave for way too long,
reminded of the things that I've done wrong.
Been pushed, shoved and bullied into losin' my way
till I believed the world was a deep, dark grave.
Why change when you've nothin' to gain.
Get kinda used to livin' with pain.
But he threw me out ‘cause I wasn't worthy.
Best gift that he gave to me.

This heart of mine's been bruised before,
laid down and trampled on the floor.
The next time I love, gonna take it slow
‘Cause this heart of mine deserves more.
This heart of mine deserves more.

Crawlin' from the cave into bright sunlight
with very little energy to set things right.
Been shocked, stunned and cornered into taking a stand
when all around I see only shifting sand.
Each day I survive I win.
With help from my Father and friends,
I'm finding out that I am worthy.
It's the best gift that I'm giving to me. Chorus

I'm livin' in a world that is bright and warm
And in you waltz with your charisma and charm
I won't be wined, wooed, or courted into giving my ground
‘cause I've already fallen off that merry-go-round.
Love is patient, love is kind.
Love involves the heart and mind.
Please give me time to find if we are worthy.
It's the best gift you can give to me. Chorus