1. Steady Ground

From the recording Traveler's Lullaby

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Steady Ground
©2000 Barbara T. Webber

The first time I held you in my arms, I knew that you were heaven blest
And I asked God to show me how to love you best.
You twirled and tumbled and climbed around,
while I stood with open arms on the ground,
ready to hold you if something went awry.
Suddenly you were eager to fly, away.
Oh Child, where did your wings go?
Why are you falling out of control?
I'm here to catch you.
I'm here to hold you.
Remember you're from steady ground.

I always knew there'd come a time when I would not agree with you,
But I thought our love would see us through.
The world is shaped by dreams of youth

when built on the lap of wisdom's truth.
You hear voices are calling you "climb high."
My heart goes with you always as you fly, away.


It takes a time or two of trying before you finally get it right.
At the end of every tunnel is a bright light.
Generations stand behind you now,
cheering and proud like a noisy crowd.
Take a deep breath and stretch your arms out wide.
Pack our love with you as you fly, away.