From the recording Traveler's Lullaby

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Something Stole My Mama's Mind
©2000 Barbara T. Webber

She walks in the world of the living dead.
Pieces of thoughts float through her head.
Twenty-five degrees out and she's running down the street.
Her coat's in the shower, there's no shoes on her feet.

Something stole, something stole,
something stole my mama's mind,
and I don't like what it left behind.

She calls out for Papa, begs him to come.
Where has he gone now, what has he done.
Someone tells her he's long gone, she breaks down and cries.
Oh my poor mama, grief is frozen in her eyes.

A lifetime of memories withered on the vine
Faces in photographs, names lost for all of time.
Time has no meaning, no future no past.
Tell me how long this prison's gonna last. Chorus

She sits near the window in her favorite rocking chair.
She looks like an angel, the sun shining in her hair.
I'm an orphan with a parent, and I'm on my knees to pray,
Oh my sweet Jesus, touch my mama's mind today.