From the recording Traveler's Lullaby

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©1996 Barbara T. Webber

I've been traveling this road such a long time.
All things considered, I'm doing just fine.
Drive the same way to work and the same way home,
when the labor is done, I sit back alone.

Silence is solace and silence is good.
And the sound of my heartbeat is my soul's true food.
It pounds out a rhythm in the deep of the night
And it told me my life was a bit too uptight.

And the winds of St. Jude are blowing through my heart.
I feel it coming, a fresh start.
With the morning dew, I start thinking anew.
Open the doors for the winds of St. Jude.

Rubbing shoulders with people I feared yesterday.
Hearing stories of the cold wind that blows their way.
Ride the bus into work and home again.
Never knowing when I meet the smile of a friend.

Counting my blessings with opened eyes
Guess I have more when I look twice.
I gave away choices and now I'm ashamed
Lost too much living each time I complained.

Look back at the clones I used to call friends.
Look back at their empty eyes and grins.
Roll up my sleeves and test a new road.
Love is a choice and change is the toll. Chorus