1. Riddleman

From the recording Traveler's Lullaby

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©2000 Barbara T. Webber

Ten birds on a rooftop, three flew away,
two flew back, and the farmer shot one.
How many sparrows remain?
Twenty sick sheep standing in a field,
one dies, how many remain?
Riddleman, Riddleman, tell me. (x2)

First he'd ask a question that we all had heard before.
Then he'd change the answer, so we never could be sure
which one was the right one.
Riddleman would laugh high and loud.
Riddleman, Riddleman, tell me. (x2)

Riddleman won't you tell me why this life hurts,
why the hungry heart has fears?
Riddleman, can't we fix it, make the wrongs right,
bring to rest the tumbling tears?
Riddleman, Riddleman, tell me. (x2)

You can tell the way the months will go
by the first twelve days of the year.
So it's been for ninety of my years.
Some things are written in the Farmer's Almanac;
some things are found only in the soul.
No Riddleman Riddleman cannot tell you. (x2)

Ten birds on a roof top, three flew away,
two flew back and the farmer shot one.