1. Fragile

From the recording Fragile

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Just sometimes, when I'm feeling fragile, hold me when I cry.
Guitar, bass, percussion, 2 pianos, cello, and violin create lush layers of emotion.


© 2009 Barbara Tlachac Webber
Born 1/29/2008

I learned to walk in a strong wind
found my balance deep within
Learned if you held your arms wide
You’d sail a bit with every stride

The ground is shaking and I’m feeling weak
My side of the promise unusually meek
It’s there in the clench of your jaw
You never thought you’d see me crawl

I won’t be your fallen angel
Don’t want to fly that high
just sometimes when I’m feeling fragile
hold me when I cry
hold me when I cry

I fold my hands across my heart
For fear that it will break apart
My head knows that this time will pass
But my heart fears shadows last

Your hand is steady but it feels cold
I fear your patience is growing old
And when I’m finally healed and strong
Will you be there to walk along


And when you look into my eyes
do you still see the one inside
who held her arms open wide
to sail upon the wind