From the recording Fragile

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Cinderella’s Freudian Slipper’s
© Barbara T. Webber
Born March 25, 2008

She’s climbed the corporate ladder
Sits on the highest rung
Her face pressed against the glass
staring at the sun
Her closet’s full of power suits
Matching pumps in black and blue
one dear pair lies deep within
desire true

She lives amid the ashes
Corporate they may be
the bonds that tether tightly
her own decree
One rat for power
One rat for honor
One white rat for a little lie
that grew beyond her

Cinderella’s Freudian slippers
Cinderella’s Freudian slippers
Cinderella’s Freudian slippers
and three white rats

Zantac for the heartburn
Prozac for the heartburn
cognac for the heartburn
and still the heart burns

She far beyond the fairy godmom
far beyond the wand
far beyond the pumpkin coach
and the prince of charm


She climbed the corporate ladder
face against the glass
its only time until the chime
and she plummets into ash
One rat blind
one rat deaf
one rat mute
and she’s running out of breath
and her dearest pair of slippers
her own desire true
are buried in a closet
of pumps and power suits