1. Songbird

From the recording Fragile

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Tom's reflection on resilience.


© Thomas C. Webber 2014

A goldfinch is a-singing against the winter sky
Voices are complaining ‘bout the weather right nearby
I wonder if they've thought about what this life is for
A songbird hits no sour notes --- so different from the bored.

Don't worry 'bout tomorrow, don’t fret about the past
Here’s your Goldfinch Moment, the only thing that lasts
It holds a minted treasure, another word for Grace
Sleep and you will miss it --- you've got to be Awake!

Young people chasing after something --- hamsters in a cage
They spend their youth and spin their wheels
Then find that they have aged
Now ain’t that something!

Stop climbing up that ladder, find your treasure deep within
Everyone is fractured; every saint has got their sin.
Wash off that paint and artifice, see with a clear eye
You’ll find that LOVE has carried you
--- now spread your wings and fly!

You're really alive!
You're a songbird now!