1. Orange

From the recording Fragile

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©2015 Barbara Tlachac Webber
Born January 3, 2015

Someone left a flower on my back door
An unexpected spot of orange
In the fading light of a dismal day
The daisy worked its charm
No need to pull the petals off one by one
To know that I’m your only one
It’s simple to see
You’re thinking of me
And I feel loved
Oh oh oh oh I feel loved

One more alarm on a cold dark morn
Another stretch of boredom
Hot black coffee in my orange mug
A smile begins to warm
It’s the littlest things unexpectedly done
I know that I’m your only one

In a world of brown and grey
You’re my spot of orange
Sun blooming on a rainy day
I feel loved and warm

The car is humming warm and the windows scraped
Lunch is waiting on the seat
You wrap my scarf of orange around my neck
And kiss me on the cheek
I will count this day’s hours one by one
Until I’m home with my only one