1. Earth Tilted

From the recording Fragile

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Earth Tilted
Born 4/9/2010
© Barbara Tlachac Webber 2010

Green Buds on a willow branch
Robin in a yard
Bright shoots pushing through
All of winter’s scars
I wake up in yellow light
To notes of promised songs
A smile sits so naturally
All day long

The earth tilted just enough
To tip the cold away
The chill around my heart
It melted today
I just fell in love with you again
I just fell in love with you

Sit out on the front stoop
Waiting for a smile
Won’t be long until you’re home
Sliver on the dial
All around me children laugh
Ball dances down the street
Someone’s grilling on the block
All is sweet


Sometimes I forget and winter settles in
Sweet is the day . . . that spring awakens