1. Three Wishes

From the recording Fragile

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A wedding present for Stephen Webber and Jill Marzella


Three Wishes
©2017 Barbara T Webber
Born July 11, 2017

The sun will rise every morning
The North Star will always glow
When you hold the hand of the one you love
You will always be at home

The stars above are guiding you
Even hidden behind a cloud
Know that happiness is possible
Chances never run out

We give you three wishes today
Three wishes to bless you on your way
Faith, Hope and Love

Hope is a quiet power
To envision a better place
It’s a whisper of resolve
To meet challenges with grace
It’s the loving hand in darkness
Living water to a tiny seed
The courage to change the now
The endurance to proceed


Love surrounds and flows through all
The purpose of every breathe
A ripple in the galaxy
Expanding to infinite depth

As you scan the sky full of stars
Remember those you love
And throw you own handful up above