Wind Chill 

January 07, 2015 

Our cheeks are pink. It is cold, subzero in Wisconsin. But truth be told, we are colored by the thrill of birthing this CD. One guitar and two voices is a vulnerable way to present original music. 

Barb has been a tad uptight over the lack of recent completed songs. She keeps looking for original observations, poetry, and melodies. She keeps listening for her muse. And finally, on the first Sunday of January, 2 flew from her subconscious pen to concrete paper. More excitement to color our cheeks. 

Every year we greet the new year with friends, many of whom are musicians. This year our friends consecrated our new home gathering space. And in the early hours of the morning, past 3AM, we sang Larry Penn's songs. Larry and his wife Pat were always the last to leave a party, often chiding us youngsters for our yawns. Barb will admit that a couple of the words got stuck in her throat.