Singing on the Roof Top: Video Clip 

June 06, 2015 

Tom and Barb have played at Waukesha Friday Night Live when there was one stage and it was a volunteer event. The downtown business owners had a vision and a deep regard for the worth of all artisans. They recognized the power of music and art in drawing people to their historic town. They valued the contribution of musicians and believed that all should be payed. Over the years, we have watched the event grow and the storefronts fill. Now there are 9 stages, the streets are for pedestrians, and every Friday night there is a festival for 3 hours in downtown Waukesha. It has caught the attention of many, including the news media. We were honored when one of the corner stones of the business district, Kerry and Terry MacKay of the Steaming Cup invited us to perform live on morning TV.

Here is a link to the morning show clip. More importantly, come down and experience it yourself.